The comprehensive MCCAW perspective is evident when taking into account the work flows from three individuals, spanning two generations, with sixty years of combined, consistent critical acclaim and recognition.

The willingness to push boundaries and ideas is cultivated by working in a shared environment where there is overlap (though not duplication) in theory, philosophy and intention. Rarely do you find a father and his two sons working under a single roof, in a dynamic atmosphere where curiosity, open mindedness, and traditional wisdom co-mingle with experimentation, innovation and change. In this rare working environment, there is a natural alchemy that is born between a father and his sons, in which each contributes to the others creative objective, and yet each (still) retains his individual artistic identity.

The MCCAW objective is to (collectively and individually) examine, contemplate and direct a fresh look at contemporary issues such as: the relationship between art and reality, memory and fantasy, symbols and anthropology, existential ideas and human psychology. Within the walls of a static environment (the studio) a dynamic and constantly evolving relationship between artists, materials, ideas, and technique is evolving as each expresses and explores the endless realm of possibilities.